What is btcbasemining.ltd ?

Here at btcbasemining.ltd, our goal is to promote the financial status of our clients through our uncompromised financial automated mining and investment software.

We offer both professionals and new beginners opportunity to invest and earn from Forex and Binary options trade.

btcbasemining.ltd platform has positioned itself as the mining guru of choice for investors worldwide.

For more information, kindly contact our help desk for adequate support.

We appreciate your patronage and have pledged to serve you best.



As part of our policy objectives, investors’ funds are highly secured against any form of loss.

We pledged to serve our clients with uttermost sincerity, honesty, credibility, excellent investment returns and we have maintained that since the inception of btcbasemining.ltd.

Investors funds are strictly managed by financial expertise to enable us provide adequate return for our clients. Here, investors are not allowed to trade on their funds themselves to enable us reduce losses due to the high risk and volatility of the market.


Here at btcbasemining.ltd Investment platform we offer a 24 hours customer support. This enables our clients to reach out to us at any given time and also expect adequate response from the company. We have pledged to serve you with uttermost sincerity and credibility.

For more enquires kindly contact us at admin@btcbasemining.ltd 


Our Mission

To provide investors access to the global markets through the powerful btcbasemining.ltd

Our Vision

To be a reliable, consistent and profitable financial assistance for our clients across the globe.

Investor Reviews

The world's Latest blockchain-powered online business platform to invest & grow your wealth.

btcbasemining.ltd gave me an easy way to trade. No need to be emotional, just trust the system

Arnold russel

Clients - General customer

Partnering with you is the best that ever happened to me. Wish to add more.

Selena gomaz

Invisitor - Customer

If i was to trade myself, i would not have made such profits. Simply the best .

Manila meri

Clients - Customer